About us

We are a South African (Marcello) and a Brit (with a twist of American – don’t want to get in trouble with Dad! (Karen)). We’ve been living in London and are now about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

The idea to take a slightly longer route home to Cape Town – driving through Europe and down the East side of Africa – came about for Marcello a couple of years ago. So after a lot of research into the best vehicle to take on such a trip he bought the last character in this journey, the trusty steed that is Charlie. Charlie is a Land Rover Defender and he has been lovingly modified and tended to ever since.

In the meantime, Karen had been dreaming of going on another big trip since returning from her gap year pre-university and it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore those itchy feet. Plans of a backpacking adventure and a long list of desired countries had been coming together, but after meeting Marcello in October, jumped at the invitation to join him on an even more exciting journey.



8 thoughts on “About us

  1. Nice Trip, Nice blog. Congratulations.
    By the way, do you have the address or GPS coordinates of Ethiopian Embassy in Khartoum?
    It would be much appreciated as we are starting a Madrid/Nairobi overland travel next June.
    Good luck!

    • Thank you – glad you like it!
      Yes – it’s moved from where it’s pinpointed in Tracks4Africa. Co-ordinates are: N15.34.827 E32.32.521 It doesn’t look like most embassies from the outside, but is on the main road – gardens/cafe etc inside the fencing before you get to the “Embassy proper”.
      Good luck with your planning/trip etc. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with and we’ll do our best.

      • Hi again. As preps for the trip are in progress, a new question has arised. Where did you stamp the carnet when exiting Ethiopia? Do they do that in Omorate or is necessary to go to Customs at Addis or Awassa?
        By the way. What is the best route to go to Arba Minch form Addis?
        Thanks in advance and safe travel!

      • Hi. Yes they stamp you out in Omorate. Then on the Kenyan side you need to register with the police in Illeret, but do all the paperwork in Nairobi. As from Addis to Arba Minch, we went via Hosaina and Sodo (sorry couldn’t find the road number quickly). We were told to avoid the main road coming out of Addis due to truck traffic making it dangerous. Hope this helps. Shout if you have any other questions!

  2. Hey guys! We camped next to you in Sorrento, in Fred, the awesome transit van. Just thought about you guys, reminiscing about our trip a year ago. And we see, you’re still on yours!!! Hope all is going well. Charlie seems to be doing well. We’ve settled into Melbourne, having moved here in January. Haven’t used the passports in 6 months. Missing it! Have enough fun for us!!! Brooke & Dave.

    • Hey, great to hear from you guys!! How was the rest of your trip? If I remember correctly (possibly not?!), you were on your way towards Venice when you left Sorrento?? The gossip rags you left me were devoured within hours! Glad you’re enjoying life in Melbourne – I have a few friends who’ve also moved back there recently and seem to be loving it. It does sound like your passports are feeling neglected though 😉 We arrived in Cape Town a few weeks ago so our trip is kind of at an end now too. Although it’s all new to me, so still exciting. Charlie did us very proud and is now looking forward to a bit of a facelift. Did you somehow manage to keep Fred or has he gone to a new home? Enjoy life in Melbourne and give us a shout if you ever head this way. Karen (& Marcello)

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