GPS co-ordinates only included for those not found in Tracks 4 Africa.

Debark: Unique View Hotel? (about 100m from the Simien Park Hotel)

Reasonable rooms, friendly staff, not a bad restaurant.

Gondor: Belegez Pension

Pretty basic but okay for a night. Nice restaurant across the road.

Gorgora: Tim & Kim Village

A fantastic camping spot. Great facilities, really nice couple running it and lovely views out over the lake.

Barhir Dar: Ghion Hotel

Nice place by the lake. Camping in on a bit of land to the side. Room made available for a shower and a decent restaurant.

Lalibela: Seven Olives

Able to camp in the parking area and again room made available for a shower. Nice leafy spot and a good restaurant.

Kombolcha: Tekle Hotel

We got a room here. Pretty basic but fine for a night. Not a bad restaurant.

Addis Ababa: Wim’s Holland House

Bit of an odd spot for camping with fairly basic facilities, but a fantastic bar/restaurant and Wim is very helpful.

Sodo: Bekele Mola

We got a room here – your usual basic room. Okay for a night. No hot water.

Arba Minch: Bekele Mola Hotel

Lovely place overlooking the lakes/national park. Resident warthogs are an added bonus. Decent shower (not hot but refreshing). Good restaurant.

Key Afer: Key Afer Camping

Basic bathroom available to use. Lots of children around wanting to lend a hand/show you around. Fine as a stopover to visit the market.

Mago National Park: HQ Camp

A great spot right in the park with monkeys and birds around you. You need to pay for a scout for the night. Longdrop and water pump available, with a river for washing. Enjoyed  it.

Turmi: Buska Lodge

A lovely modern lodge which allows you to camp. Good bathroom facilities. Food was okay but not fantastic. A nice place to stay ahead of a number of days wild camping.


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