GPS co-ordinates only included for those not found in Tracks 4 Africa.

Wild camping near Illeret, Turkana route: N04.15.674 E36.13.455

Lovely spot near the lake with great sunrise and sunset.

Sibiloi National Park, Alia Bay: KWS camp

A bit pricey but it is in a National Park. Staff were very helpful though and they opened up one of the guesthouses so we could use the bathrooms and kitchen.

Wild camping Turkana route: N02.54.193 E36.38.975

Another lovely spot not too far from the lake.

South Horr: Samburu Sports Club

A great place to stay. Friendly staff, decent bathrooms, firewood collected for us. Would recommend it.

Isiolo: Rangelands

Decent enough place. Felt it was a bit pricey for what it was, but probably still adjusting to Kenyan pricing. Food wasn’t all that great.

Nairobi: Jungle Junction

We really liked it here. It’s a great place to meet other overlanders, there’s a laundry service (much needed after Turkana), wifi, hot water showers and friendly staff. Also only 1km from a shopping mall with a large supermarket.

Masai Mara: Aruba-Mara Bushcamp

Nice spot just outside the park. Hot showers and long-drops. We also got a great local guide called Edward to take us around the park.

Kericho: Kericho Tea Hotel

We ended up getting a room as it was chucking it down, but there is camping available. We thought it was very overpriced for what it was and that was even after a discount. We’ve definitely stayed in worse though.


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