GPS co-ordinates only included for those not found in Tracks 4 Africa.

Wadi Halfa: Hotel Defintood

Basic seems like an understatement, although if you do have to stay in Wadi Halfa it’s all much of a muchness. Rope beds in what feels like a prison cell and no running water (although there isn’t in the whole of the town).

Wild Camping along the Nile route

Camp Louis: N20.42.969 E30.21.386

Nice spot by the Nile.

Near the Pyramids of Meroe: N16.55.995 E33.45.304

Lovely spot in the sand dunes at the back of the pyramids.

Khartoum: National Camping Residence

Basic and a bit out of town, but from everything we’ve heard it’s a lot better than the Blue Nile Sailing Club. Whilst the showers aren’t exactly hot, they are usable and we witnessed them being cleaned on a daily basis (even if they look a bit “worn”). The mosque on site is pretty loud though.

Wild camping: near Galabat (Ethiopia border): N13.03.354 E36.02.279

A nice secluded spot close to the border.


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